Rockwell Amusements

Rockwell Amusements is a world-class carnival featuring spectacular rides, such as the Super Slide, Bumper Cars, Tilt a Whirl and Fun House. Rockwell features kiddie rides, such as Dizzy Dragons, Merry Go Round, Speedway and Circus Train. Then there are the games such as Skee Ball, Pop the Balloon, Whac-a-mole and Frog Bog. It’s family fun for all ages.

Petting Zoo

Circle K Petting Zoo will be on hand for kids of all ages. Goats, Llamas, sheep and more will be part of the petting zoo. Pony Rides will also be offered.

2SLV_CLASSIC_CAR_CRUISE_NIGHT__7_07_05__7.jpgClassic Car Shows

Trivia Prizes 
Open to ALL special interest cars. 

People's Choice Trophies and Category awards, 
Drivers and passengers ADMITTED FREE to Fallfest.


Food & Vendors

4COI_4CHL_Lobster.jpgInternational Food Court

The International Outdoor Food Festival will feature delicacies and favorites of every kind. From burgers and hot dogs, Chinese and Thai to fish and chips and lobster and everything in between! Refreshments of every kind including Del's Lemonade, Ice Cream, fried dough, cotton candy and more will be available. There will be a large area with picnic tables for patrons to sit, relax and enjoy whatever they choose!

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